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About Us

About the Founder

The founder Dr. Grace Williams was raised in a family of 13 siblings; 11 brothers and 2 sisters. She witnessed a lot of domestic violence at an early age which brought about her compassion for victims of abuse. Dr. Williams witnessed abuse by her father toward her mother, male siblings toward their wives, friends and co workers; it appeared she could not get away from domestic violence. As an adult within her community she continued to witness the devastation of abuse; this compelled her to assist those dealing with domestic violence. Her answer to the call was Root of the Matter. Dr. Williams founded Root of the Matter in 2012 to assist individuals and families involved/effected by domestic violence. The founders plan is to open a domestic violence shelter to provide housing to those who are displaced as a result of domestic violence and to provide other options.

Organization Goals

Root of the Matter wants to promote education in our community. We conduct outreach, workshops and conferences to change the way the community views victims/survivors of domestic violence. Through our outreach efforts we want to help equip the community to effectively assist those involved in domestic violence. In addition to outreach; we offer counseling for individuals and families affected by domestic violence.